underwater swimmer shot.

Tips and Tricks

I’ve been swimming for a few years now and there are a few tricks and tips I’ve learnt along the way that help me stay warm and have fun. 

Woolly Hats. They look great and keep my head warm. Most of the time I’m not putting my head in the water so these are a fab way to keep my noggin toasty whilst also helping you be seen from the bank. 

Reducing the faff! I often swim before work in the morning or whilst out on a walk in the summer so reducing faff and not hanging around whilst getting changed is important for time and helping you get warm quicker. I normally sack off underwear because bra straps plus numb thumbs aren’t a great combination. I also find having a big towel or robe is super helpful. It warms and drys at the same time, whilst giving some protection from the elements. Some swimmers keep these on to drive or walk home in too. 

Snacks are so important and after getting out of the water I always want something yummy. Cake or last night pizza is my current favourite, but we don’t discriminate here! A good energy bar might help as well to perk you up again because cold water swimming, even for a short time, burns a lot of energy. 

Whether you are going to be dipping up to your knees or looking to swim long distances in a wetsuit or a swimsuit then you are part of the open water swimming community.

Happy Swimming!

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